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Who We Are

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The Unified State Group (USG) embodies transformative power and innovation in international economic development, with a particular focus on Africa and other emerging markets. Our operations are not simply focused on creating change but aim to redefine economic development itself, driven by new technology, unity, collaboration, and innovative targeted action. Central to our approach is Ethel, an advanced AI-driven CRM tool that enables us to identify and leverage opportunities for economic growth on a global scale.

USG was founded by NBA Hall-of-Famer Dikembe Mutombo, Isaac Barnes, Richard Hoffman, Tyreek Moore, and Maryan Ali. Our founders’ accomplishments include securing a $13.4 billion defense contract with the Pentagon, White House, and Department of State, the spearheading of NBA Africa, ethical mining projects, and much more. One of our principal projects is AQUAtap™️, a cutting-edge, solar-powered water purification system we introduced to the DRC in recent years. Today, AQUAtap™️ serves people of the DRC with clean water as well as innovative payment methods for purchasing water.
For more than two decades, our team has been a conduit for collaboration between America and Africa's most impactful leaders. Our network includes influential individuals, organizations, and nonprofits, each united in elevating Africa through enterprise, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy. This expansive alliance includes unique relationships with the presidential and ministerial staff of 41 African nations, integrating business leaders at the highest level and leveraging shared capital alongside our considerable execution capacity.

USG specializes in facilitating market entry and operations in emerging markets, with a specific concentration on Africa, offering a comprehensive suite of services including local partnerships, international sales, translation and localization, company incorporation, licensing, registration, and tailored advice on local investment and regulations. We leverage a robust investment infrastructure, long-standing relationships, trust and goodwill, an extensive distributor network, land acquisition capabilities, and optimized free trade zones. Our approach is holistic, focusing on bridging divides and empowering communities through tailored strategies and rapid execution.

Meet The Team

CEO and Founding Partner
Isaac Barnes
President and Founding Partner
Richard Hoffman
Founding Partner
Tyreek Moore
Founding Partner
Maryan Ali
Founding Partner
Dikembe Mutombo
Chief Investment Officer, Partner
Jacques-Philippe Piverger
Dr. Bruno Zheng Wu
Ibrahim Sagna
Dr. M'zee Fula-NGENGE
Nana Afoah Appiah-Korang

Our Vision

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Our commitment to Africa is unwavering. We envision a future in which the continent’s development is not just incrementally improved, but revolutionized at a grand scale. This vision extends to our advisory division, wherein we work closely with Fortune 500 companies and Forbes 400 individuals, unlocking exclusive co-investment opportunities. Our diverse investment portfolio encompasses private equity, venture capital, real estate, and debt, reflecting our multifaceted approach to economic development.

USG is more than an organization; it’s a movement. We are dedicated to illuminating the path to progress, lighting the flame of transformation, and building it into a beacon for the world. We aim to catalyze a quantum leap in Africa’s social, economic, and infrastructural landscape, setting a new precedent for global development initiatives. Through our efforts, we aim not just to participate in the global economy but to become a driving force in shaping its future.

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